The new HVAC maintenance

Analytics Maintenance (AM)
Verified planned maintenance performance


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How has PM been done?

Many techs that perform planned maintenance today are either filter changers, or the other extreme, repair techs. They are neither armed with real analytics skills or tools, nor are they particularly interested in diagnosing a unit’s performance during maintenance. They are not prepared with the skills or technologies to keep units operating to as close EER or BTU design as possible, within reason and budget.

Instead they wait. For what? For the units to “run to failure” so they can do what historically do what they have always done – replace compressors and the like. Meantime while they wait, their client’s related costs, including ever increasing energy waste, go up year after year. Meantime, they could have legitimately been providing analytics within maintenance, finding opportunities to offer clients budget saving remediation solutions.

How can it be done?

You now have an option to tired, old PM and contractors who continue to practice it. The new maintenance is called Analytics Maintenance or AM for short, and the qualified service contractors who are able to provide AM are called AM Providers or AMP for short.

Through AM, service buyers utilize a special new tech, called an AM Tech, skilled and trained to verify performance of their client’s units and offer them budget-saving remediations, instead of waiting for something bad to happen.

Through their smart phone, AM Techs across the US access a modified psychrometric calculator with regression analysis algorithms – all to say that for the first time service techs will measure and report to their clients actual relative RTU unit performance. Performance data is captured, stored, compared, reported and available to their clients to make smarter efficiency and replacement decisions.

Track the health of your RTUs

If tracking your RTU’s performance, either in terms of delivered BTUs and/or EER is important to your clients, then we can provide you and them access to annual HVAC Health reports for no more than you spend on maintenance today. You may also elect to utilize additional powerful analyses of your units compared to others in your portfolio, by store, by city, by area, state, by model number, etc.  This arms service buyers, serious about tracking performance, the intel to address unit replacement and energy efficiency smartly.

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