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Efficiency through service

Adding “service” to efficiency retrofits and replacements

Welcome ARC Organizers, Supporters and Participants.

ARC (Advanced RTU Campaign) is a collaboration between ASHRAE and RILA, with the U.S. Department of Energy providing technical support to Campaign participants through the Better Buildings Alliance and the Federal Energy Management Program. To learn more about ARC, go to

Servicenergy supports ARC’s efficiency mission by adding a third leg to the proverbial two-legged stool. In addition to efficiency through “retrofits” and “replacements” that ARC promotes – Servicenergy adds an important efficiency component, what we refer to as “efficiency through service.”

Keep old through new units efficient

No matter how efficient the design of any manufactured RTU, if it is not properly maintained and serviced, it will not hold its efficiency advantage through its normal life. That’s where Servicenergy makes its contribution, preparing building owners, managers, retailers, contractors and their techs to sustain and maintain efficiency to as close to manufacturer design as financially and operationally possible.

We are providing ARC and anyone interested in adopting a more effective efficiency program during normal maintenance, a free spreadsheet for recording RTU efficiency performance during field technician’s service calls.

Click on the link or green button below to download your free efficiency tracking program that operates in Excel. Once you open it, go the Instruction within the worksheet and it will guide you in its use. You will notice several spots to record RTU performance data, which is gathered during a RTU tech’s service or maintenance visit.

EER and BTU are two important pieces of information the technician must begin to gather at least once a year so that they can report the relative movement and performance of EER and/or BTU.

Beyond the free program below, Servicenergy offers much automated tools and advanced processes for technicians to affordably capture and report actual EER and BTU performance in the field during service.

By doing this, RTU owners and those who manage properties with RTUs, will experience the financial advantage of measuring the performance of their RTUs – in terms of a lowered maintenance budget, energy efficiency control, and longer life.

Download RTU Efficiency Tracker (free)

Other efficiency programs? Yes.

If you would like an advanced program that accurately estimates analytics-based, efficiency-focused maintenance and service, go to HVACAM page to see how you get your free copy of the HVACAM software program.

Advancing RTU efficiency

Other efficiency opportunities
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