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The RTU market is your largest opportunity!

Many energy and service industry experts report that Rooftop Units (RTUs) represent over 60% of all air conditioning in the US, yet to many building owners and managers and the service contractors who service them, they are somewhat out of sight, therefore a bit out of mind.

Thus it has become the norm to simply let units pretty much run to failure, and during their useful life to do less than can be done to keep them operating efficiently.

Servicenergy sees RTUs as the single largest opportunity for all involved to apply a much more effective, high asset impact, maintenance and service plan – one that maximizes the performance of the units and provides attractive ROIs for everyone involved.

Servicenergy builds RTU maintenance/service and finds RTU techs!

We are in your business. We know what you face. To remain pertinent to your local property owners and managers and national retailers in the months and years to come, you will need to do what you already do and more. Given the ever-increasing pressures for properties to impact their energy performance, inside and outside such programs as LEED®, you their service provider will absolutely need to provide tangible energy efficiency impact during service and maintenance value proof, as a matter of day-to-day practice. Offering energy retrofits is not the only answer. Offering efficiency through service is!

It is just one of our new value advantages for you to offer your existing and new clients! All of our value advantages assist you in getting maintenance and service business, and as importantly keeping it!





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