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What is HVAC AM?

HVAC-AM-1-bGet it for free! Read on.

It is the first HVAC service estimator to focus on analytics within maintenance. With our light version of HVACAM estimator, your service techs provide analytics on RTUs and Splits. Techs using their smartphone or tablets to access the online analytics program (TPD), apply a very low cost, yet high impact diagnostics evaluation for their customers often at no additional cost. During normal maintenance and service, it provides techs with smart analytics, a CAT Scan of sorts for HVAC, arming these smart techs and their really smart clients with the knowledge to when necessary, determine affordable remediation solutions that will measurably impact a RTU’s or Split AC’s actual SEER or EER performance.

We have such confidence in this analytics maintenance estimating, tasking program that we offer this Light Version for free. The light version focuses on Rooftop Units (RTUs) and Split ACs commonly found on residential, light commercial and retail businesses. With it, you as a service provider or customer can accurately estimate a maintenance price based on tasking/times and your customer’s budget limitations.

This allows servicing techs all of the tasking information and adequate tasking time they need to perform the service to the customer’s requirements and at a fair margin to all concerned. It also allows service providers to fully include any required materials and related services. In addition to estimating at an accuracy level never before attained, for service providers who upgrade to the Full Version, it produces a complete professional proposal with matching agreement, material order form and more —automatically.

What if you service equipment other than RTUs and Splits? We offer what we call the full version.

What is the Full Version?

If you provide services beyond RTUs and Splits, the full range of Built Ups systems, etc., and you need an automated proposal off of estimate, then you will want to purchase the Full Version.

How Much for all versions?

You have three options. All options come with annual use of the program, along with online support and continuous free upgrades.

  1. Get the HVACAM Light Version for free. Perfect for RTUs and Splits – a complete estimating/tasking program.
  2. Pay an annual fee of $1,500 each year for use of the HVACAM Full Version. Get the complete HVAC library with it.
  3. Instead of paying annually, pay monthly for the HVACAM Full Version at $150 per month during each year.

Try the light version for free first!

We want happy contractor customers, so we recommend you learn HVACAM’s functionality and value by using the fully operable Light Version for free for as long as you desire. To get your free light version complete the information form below. When we receive it, we will use the company information you provide us to set up your software so when you print out the estimate and tasking forms, it automatically contains your company information and more.

Retailers and other light commercial owners and operators will value this program too. You may decide not to use its automatic proposal and agreement generator, but it is perfect for setting up smart bid specification Excel based worksheets for contractor to both plan, price and deliver exactly what you want.

When will you get your program?

We will custom setup your program within 5 business days of getting your information, and email it to you for full use and instruction on how to access online training for TPD and HVACAM.

Get ready to take estimating from just coming up with a price, to providing your customers truly superior service value!

Information Form
to get free HVACAM light

Fill out the form for the free Light Version or the Full Version. If you select the Full Version, we will email you purchase information.

To get your light version for free, provide us the information above.

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