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Servicenergy Select Contractor Group and Smart Membership

Here is your monthly Select and Smart Membership option. Monthly payments are due for each market described in your approved Membership Agreement. For further clarification on multi-markets and payments due, contact us at


Smart Membership

Rights to Verify branding, marketing and training.

$350/month Click Here.

Smart Membership (Verify and Plan)

Full rights to Verify and Plan branding, marketing and training.

$700/month Click Here.


Smart HVAC-Verify

Using XOi software, professional maintenance advisors (sales people) and technicians will provide clients maintenance Pre-Verification and Post-Verification along with other program benefits XOi provides.

Pricing/month contact XOi to register and get XOi App for techs and sales people. Call Christian Anderson at 630.779.0878. Reference your Smart membership, to get added benefits from XOi.

Smart HVAC-Plan

Software for professional maintenance advisors (sales people) to offer clients planning, budgeting and delivery.

$300/month Click Here for Excel Version.
Pricing/month contact Erth about Quadra Version.

Note: An upgraded version of HVAC-Plan is being built by Erth out of Canada, and will become available in 2019.

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