The new HVAC maintenance


The new HVAC maintenance.

-Do more with a smaller HVAC service budget.
-Use your contractors or ours.

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Smaller budgets have become a necessity.

It’s been said that “necessity is the mother of invention.” For retailers – smaller maintenance, repair and replacement budgets have become more than desirable. They are a necessity.

Like all necessities, they can result in progress, in something “new” to solve a real challenge.

For retailer maintenance departments we have a solution for addressing your ever-restrictive budgets without harming the critical function of your HVAC units. Our maintenance/repair/replacement solution is more effective than the traditional approaches that have been practiced for years and continue to be used today.

Our solution addresses both your maintenance department’s budget and the relative performance of your RTUs.

We refer to this new solution as “the new HVAC maintenance” and it measurably does more than its predecessor both in terms of dollars and performance.


Superior Maintenance and Budget Planning – Through us, you get the-first-of-its-kind strategic maintenance and budget planning program that leverages your limited budgets and allows you to apply a customizable yet perfectly consistent standard of maintenance on every store type nationwide.

More Effective Servicing Technicians – You also get the the-first-of-its-kind technician-applied process, tools, tracking and trending solutionBottom-line, this powerful solution optimizes and extends the tech’s abilities, and reduces the time required for providing a better maintenance result.

From this, you get measurable, verifiable (through a third party analytics program) information – all which reports to you each unit’s performance in terms of delivered and measured BTUs and energy efficiency (EER).

The new HVAC maintenance – This is a first for maintenance –  a method for techs to measure and report to you actual unit performance after service!

This opens up all kinds of other opportunities.

Analytics – Besides getting a better service result at a lower cost, you may also track all of your RTU’s performance nationally – performing analytics by region, state, city, store, RTU model number, unit type, etc. Then you can take this information and trend and analyze it – leading to better decisions concerning what levels of maintenance are most desirable and have the best impact.

Smart Replacements – With it, you and your contractors can come up with a more sensible replacement program, based on when it is best to replace the units that are measured to be underperforming. With this smarter responsive replacement strategy, retailers and contractors working together with the “intel” provided by Servicenergy, can even determine which units have proven over time to be best at sustaining BTUs and EER.

Ranking Units – This can lead to ranking units by how they actually perform in the field and not just on paper, thereby replacing with manufactured units that have the best proven track record of holding onto their efficiencies (EER) through their useable lives.

When we say budget reduction – how much?

Depending on what level of maintenance you currently are applying, whether you use self-performing companies or service brokers managing contractor techs, and some other factors – your reductions can range from 20% to 60%.

How do we get paid?

Pay is straight forward and simple to calculate. We get a very small percentage of how much we reduce your maintenance and repair costs over your current spending, and by how much we improve the performance of your HVAC units. We earn what we make!

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