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Who is Servicenergy?

We are people experienced in HVAC maintenance, particularly service that by design impacts performance. We are happy to sit down with you if you are a quality HVAC contractor – to discuss your opportunities with Analytics Maintenance (AM).

AM gives your customers a real advantage and you too! We will explain why when we sit down and visit with you.

Servicenergy is a company solely focused on assisting our AM Providers (AMP)  in understanding their client’s maintenance and capital replacement requirements, financial constraints and efficiency strategies. We are serious about helping our contractor members in understanding their client needs first, and preparing them in designing the right maintenance-diagnostics solutions on margin within their client’s financial limitations.

With AM and AMP contractor members, we look and find ways to make efficiency common, affordable and therefore practical to use for service buyers of all types.

Our mission is to sustain manufacturer design ratings on serviced RTUs through contractors using Servicenergy, whether it has a design EER of 9.5 or one of 13.0. We assist our AMP contractor members and their clients, in maintaining, remediating and therefore taking care of the current equipment to affordably achieve efficiencies that are as close to manufacturer design as possible, no matter the efficiency design of the RTU.

We do not just preach sustaining efficiency. We practice it through AM.

We didn’t name our company and program Servicenergy by accident. Our culture is one of “service” first. We achieve efficiency and proven asset performance through advanced maintenance strategies and service.

We understand and appreciate the need for retrofitting and replacing units to achieve higher efficiencies, but we believe those who own, manage and service RTUs have their best opportunities to first adopt the appreciation, mentality and policy of always taking care of their RTUs no matter their designed EER rating – this in context of doing so within affordable budgets.

And yes, at the end of long, productive lives that come about because of our AMP contractor member’s focus on service first, then their clients will apply higher efficiency replacement options.

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Advantage: You

Look at the above calendar and schedule a discovery meeting with Servicenergy. Discover your advantages of applying what we call proof-of-performance service to the buildings you own, manage or service.

Do you own, manage or service rooftop units?

Drop us an email anytime, and we will have one of our AMP contractor members call you and explore how AM might assist you.

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